Sports Medicine – King of Prussia

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, Dr. Wawrzynek offers clients the very best range of sports medicine care. Your feet and ankles are the foundation of movement for your body.

Whether you are concerned about injuries to your foot, a biomechanical concern, or using non-invasive treatment to regain strength and function in your foot, we have a solution for you. Our team ensures that you have the best care available for any problems you may face.

Running Injuries

You can prevent most running injuries with the right knowledge and treatment, combined with smart training. Running is a repetitive sport and, as such, can put repetitive stress on your feet and ankles as well as the small muscles and tendons that support them.

Sports Injuries

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, we offer 5-star treatment for sports injuries. Dr. Wawrzynek’s expert training and personal experience can aid you in finding the solutions that help you get the desired results.

Sports injuries occur for various reasons but often happen because athletes of all levels fail to warm up or stretch before exercising. They can also occur because of improper gear, poor training, accidents, or being out of shape.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom orthotics are prescribed medical devices that are customized for your feet to wear inside your shoes. Orthotic devices help correct structural and biomechanical foot issues associated with walking, standing, or running. They can also help to manage painful foot conditions.

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, Dr. Melissa Wawrzynek uses the most up-to-date technology to acquire digital scans of your feet, creating the most accurate mold possible. Dr. Wawryznek customizes orthotics to fit all shoe types, including heels.

3D Gait Analysis

3D Gait Analysis records your movements as you walk and run to determine your movement pattern. How you walk, run and jump are known as your gait.

Your gait is the biomechanical movement of your body. Foot and ankle aches and pains triggered by exercise can result from your unique gait. The way your specific body moves can contribute to the aches and pains you develop through daily exercise and movements.

Strength Training

The strength training and stretching exercises you will learn with our team will be based on your unique situation and needs. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, our team works with you to create a customized routine to  strengthen your feet and ankles.

Your feet are where most of the movement in your body starts. Exercising and stretching your feet can help prevent injuries to your feet, ankles, and lower body.

Dr. Melissa Will Help Get You Back On Your Feet

Dr. Melissa Wawrzynek is a board-certified foot and ankle specialist and offers a broad range of advanced orthopedic, sports medicine, and regenerative treatments.

Our doctor and her team will consult with you regularly to ensure you return to health and receive the highest quality care.

If you’re ready to return to full speed as quickly, easily, and safely as possible, schedule an appointment today.