Plantar warts are a hard growth in the bottom of the foot that look similar to a callous, a dry patch of skin. This condition is most common among kids but may be seen in adults. As the wart grows you may notice a black spot which are tiny drops of dried blood.


Without correct treatment these warts will keep growing and can spread to other areas of the foot or to other individuals as well. Did you know that warts can live on a surface for up to six months, just waiting for another foot to come along?


The bigger the wart gets the more painful they are especially when walking or standing. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center we focus on a pain free approach to resolve the warts which may consist of a combination of pain free scrapings, topical and or oral medications. Sometimes it may take a couple visits to get rid of the wart completely.


The longer the wart is present the harder it is to treat. Don’t Delay Make Your Appointment Today! Your Feet will thank you for It!

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