The Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Choosing Your Podiatrist

The 10 things you must know before choosing a podiatrist's office will help you find a caring provider. Remember that you want a provider who can treat your foot and ankle issues and help you achieve a pain-free, mobile lifestyle.

1. Do They Have Extensive Experience?

When choosing a new podiatrist, consider their training and experience. A podiatrist with an extensive work history will likely have treated a foot condition similar to yours. Having prior experience can help your podiatrist foresee potential risks and complications during your treatment. This knowledge can help ensure your treatment recommendations are the best for you. 

The Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center team has helped over 5,000 people since 2013! Dr. Wawrzynek, our podiatrist, brings years of advanced training and experience to patients daily. We strive to offer personalized, comprehensive care through exams for the most accurate diagnosis to ensure your feet and ankles are in the best possible shape!

2. Can They Provide Pain Relief at Your First Appointment?

It is common for a patient to be actively experiencing foot pain by the time they make their first appointment with a podiatrist. If you are already actively experiencing foot pain, your treatment must start as soon as possible after your consultation, especially if you are diagnosed with a serious foot or ankle problem, foot injury, or broken bones. 

Being asked to make a second appointment forces you to wait in pain until the doctor can see you again. That is why you want to ensure that your potential new podiatrist can provide pain relief during your consultation appointment and not make you wait days or weeks to get the relief and treatment you need right now. 

Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center offers convenient appointment times and same-day treatment, giving you the pain relief you need on your first appointment. After your initial evaluation, we will discuss your treatment options with you and begin treatment that same day.

3. Are They Focused on Non-Surgical Treatments?

Nine out of 10 times, foot surgery isn’t necessary for most patients. Though sometimes surgery is needed as a last resort, many alternatives to foot surgery are available to patients. 

If all non-surgical options have been eliminated, your podiatrist should be able to offer minimally invasive procedures instead of full-blown foot surgery. Technological advances have increased treatment options, and you should be able to work with your podiatrist to find the most non-invasive and best option for your situation. 

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, we first work with you to find a non-surgical treatment option. Dr. Wawrzynek takes a biomechanical approach to treatment. She focuses on finding the underlying reason for your foot and/or ankle pain and then offers you treatment options to remedy the issue, helping to relieve your pain. The human body is amazing in its power to heal, and we’ve learned to work with it to make treatments easy, safe, and pain-free.

4. Are They Using Advanced Technology?

An exceptional podiatrist understands the importance of staying current on the most recent advancements and scientific research in podiatry. The field of podiatry continues to advance, and it is vital to work with a podiatrist that takes the necessary steps to ensure they are up-to-date on the most current equipment, diagnostic procedures, and treatment options. A podiatrist who stays up-to-date on new advances and research in podiatry can provide you with the best possible treatment.

Always ask your potential podiatrist if they are keeping up with the cutting edge of podiatric treatments and technologies. 

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, we work hard to ensure our practice offers you the most advanced and effective technologies. Podiatric technology includes many state-of-the-art tools, techniques, equipment, and materials to ensure you receive top-notch care. We have received the necessary training to utilize advanced technology for optimal foot care, such as:

  • Digital X-Ray 
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound 
  • 3D Custom Orthotics & Pressure Mapping Gait Analysis 
  • Curamedix EPAT & EMTT (electromagnetic transduction therapy) 
  • Laser Therapy 

Whether you are experiencing foot or ankle pain, we have the advanced technologies to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

5. Are They Open After Work or School?

Our weekday lives are filled with work, school, sports, extracurricular activities, homework, networking, errands, and more. Is it any wonder why so many people put off seeing a doctor because they can’t find the time during the week? And these days, missing school or taking off work means falling behind with homework or making up for the lost time by working on weekends.

In your search for the right podiatrist, ask about their appointment hours. Are they flexible enough to offer evening hours, knowing that weekday schedules are usually full? If not, it might be in your best interest to keep looking around for a podiatrist who keeps their patients’ busy schedules in mind rather than their own.

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, we know how busy parents and kids are during the week. We are happy to offer convenient evening appointments.

6. Can You Reach Them in an Emergency?

If you are experiencing severe foot pain after a procedure or an injury, you want to be able to see your podiatrist, even if it’s outside regular business hours. As you research your local options for podiatry care, make sure you find out how emergency appointments are handled. 

Our compassionate team recognizes that accidents can happen, and emergency appointments are sometimes necessary, especially if you are in pain. That’s why our podiatry office is available to accommodate emergency appointments. Your foot health is our top priority.

We know our patients appreciate that they can call our office for an emergency, and we always make every effort to get them seen as soon as possible.

7. Can You Start Treatment at Your Consultation?

Many patients are actively experiencing foot pain when they make their first appointment with a podiatrist. Your treatment must start as soon as possible after your consultation, especially if you are diagnosed with a severe foot or ankle problem, broken bones, or an injury. If you have to make a second appointment, it’s inconvenient and forces you to wait in pain. Be sure that your potential new provider can start treatment during your consultation.

Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center offers convenient appointment times and same-day treatment so you can experience pain relief on your first visit. Once you’ve had your initial consultation, we will discuss your treatment options and begin treatment that same day. Getting you back on your feet is our top priority, so we strive to make your treatment as quick and convenient as possible!

8. Can They Help Serious Athletes?

When seeking podiatric treatment, you’ll want to go to top-rated, highly-trained, and experienced doctors, especially if they’ve treated professionals who rely on their feet and ankles more than anyone else, like professional athletes, runners, or runners’ trainers.

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, we work hard to earn patients’ trust in our services. We’ve treated collegiate athletes, including basketball players. They trusted us to keep their feet healthy for their careers, and we can provide you with that same top-notch service.

9. Do They Care for Your Community?

When deciding on your new podiatrist, pay attention to whether they support their community. Community support can range from supporting local sports and activities, monetary donations, or partnering with non-profit organizations. When a practice takes the time to give back to their community, that is an indicator of responsibility and compassion – key characteristics for any great doctor!

You will directly benefit from a caring podiatrist and feel good knowing that you support an ethical local business with heart. 

Supporting and caring for our community and giving back is an essential value at Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center. Members of our experienced team regularly volunteer their time and resources to various charities and organizations, including:

  • Run Coach for Girls On The Run 
  • Local basketball teams 
  • The Bridgeport Elks Club

10. Will They Respect Your Time?

Your potential new podiatrist should know that commitments like work, school, and extracurricular activities can make it difficult to make and keep doctor’s appointments. If you are respectful enough to show up on time, your appointment should start on time. You should never have to wait. Be sure that your provider respects their patients’ time by checking waiting room reputations and asking if their appointments usually begin on time.

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, we ensure that your appointment proceeds smoothly and efficiently. Our team keeps our schedule well organized, with plenty of time to ensure you get the personalized attention you deserve. That means you’ll have virtually no wait time when you arrive to see us! We also ensure that you won’t be rushed during your appointment and will have the chance to ask questions, lay out any concerns, and make educated decisions regarding your foot health.

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