Sports Podiatry

Dr. Melissa is an avid runner as well as an athlete who understands being hindered by pain and/or injury. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center we understand the demands of training and the desire to return to activity as quick as possible. We pride ourselves on a thorough assessment and treatment plan to get you back quickly to the activities you love. Our goal is to keep you active as much as possible while recovering from your injury and most of the time this can be achieve with managing the overloaded tissue and an Activity Modification Program.


We are well equipped to cater to your sports injury needs by using taping techniques, foot mobilization and the latest technological advances such as laser therapy to accelerate healing.


There is a major misconception that all Podiatrist do is issue orthotics, at our office that could not be farther then the truth.


At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center We offer a wide range of treatments:


  • Footwear Advice
  • Taping and Strapping
  • Mobilization of Joints
  • Active Modification Training Program
  • Strengthening and Conditioning Advice
  • Gait /Running Retraining Programs
  • Laser Therapy



  • Experienced and Enthusiastic Podiatrist
  • Clean Welcoming Friendly Office
  • We realize your time is valuable- We do our best to be on time for your actual appointment
  • Detailed Examination where you are listened too and you are never rushed
  • Individualized Treatment Plans- not just necessarily orthotics
  • The Latest Therapies and Techniques
  • On site XRAY, Ultrasound, Laser Therapy, Gait Scan
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