Most foot and ankle pain occurs due to overloading of tissues when walking or running. Which means that your body cannot cope with what you are doing whether it is your normal day to day activity or fitness related event. In order to resolve your pain, we need to find out the cause of your underlying problem and prevent it from reoccurring. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, we think it’s important to consider you entire lower limb, as weakness or dysfunction in your hip can affect your foot and may be a cause of your foot pain.


During your evaluation sometimes a more detailed static and dynamic assessment using our innovate Gait Scan technology is needed. This allows certain information to be detected that generally is not visible with the human eye such as abnormally high- pressure areas on feet, and subtle compensation patterns causing shift of weight to one side. This technology also allows patients to see in a visual manner how their foot, posture and walking patterns are contributing to their complaint.


Orthotics are in shoe devices which are used in the treatment and prevention of lower limb pathologies. Unlike what most people believe orthotics are used to help reduce tissue stress or high forces on certain tissue not to control pronation or fix joint alignment. There is strong evidence in research which shows the link between foot orthosis in reducing tissue stress, healing and injury prevention.


Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center takes the most evidenced based approach when prescribing Orthosis. Not everyone needs a custom orthotic, based on your individual evaluation and findings a recommendation of an pre-made orthotic, may be recommended, no insert may be needed or a custom or semi-custom orthotic may be recommended.


How Do I Know if I need an Orthotic?


Again, not everyone needs to wear orthotics. Your body is amazing, and the tissue in your body can tolerate a certain amount of stress and adapt to it, however if your body exceeds that level of stress that is when pain, and/or injury begins to occur. After a thorough examination and evaluation if it is determined that abnormal forces which are beyond your bodies ability to tolerate them are attributing to your condition an orthotic may be warranted.


Your feet are the foundation of your overall health. Orthotics can significantly improve the function of your feet and lifestyle. Dr. Melissa stands behind her orthotics and will always make sure that your custom orthotics are 100% right and are 100% Comfortable. If you think you may need orthotics Don’t Wait Book a Biomechanical Assessment Today!

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